Friday, April 25, 2014


Hattie is back. She's been away at Columbia, and she has news for her liberal parents. She's dating a girl.
Faking the vote. Only Crosby can come up with this stuff.
One last dance at the empty house. The Bravermans are moving on.

Oh..I gotta love the Bravermans. And this past season has really been splendid with their storylines and on going developments in characters.

 Joel has been quite the fool, upset with Julia who felt she let him down when she stayed home with the kids and he went to work. Their marriage might be repairable now.

Come mothers and fathers 
Throughout the land 
And don’t criticize 
What you can’t understand 
Your sons and your daughters 
Are beyond your command 
Your old road is 
Rapidly agin’ 
Please get out of the new one 
If you can’t lend your hand 
For the times they are a-changin’. - (Bob Dyaln)

Hank has decided he has Aspbergers from working with Max, who's parents may have to have their own school for him.

The last dinner at the Braverman's Hattie brought home her girlfriend from college.
"Miss us yet? Well, I’ve got some @nbcparenthood season finale behind-the-scenes pics for you!" -Monica Potter on Twitter :D
Emotions run high for these two. He's been discharged from the military and they are going their separate ways, but Amber picked up a pregnancy test on the way home.

Yes, things are happening on Parenthood. The Braverman's are down sizing. They have sold the old homestead of the modern family, but Zeek wasn't such an old lazy lump who wanted to keep an old car in the garage. He fixed the old car up for his grandson Drew who drove off to see his new girlfriend because she told him she love him. Finally.



Lola, bye! said...

I'm considering on watching this! I watched like one or two eps and I loved it!

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This looks like an intriguing show!


Sara Gerard said...

I never watched this show, but it looks like something I might need to start marathoning!