Thursday, April 10, 2014


I think I'm in love... with a new band. Recently, I got a hold of their new album Dark Arc. Oh, it has all the essences of good indie vibes. From Neutral Milk Violent Femmes' dry humor yet the melowness of Connor Oberst's sadness in a good way.

The band is young and out of Columbus, Ohio. Yes, its a heartland band  and lead by the very musical Zac Little.

While the group formed in Columbus Ohio, Saintseneca's songwriter Little hails from the rural hills of Appalachia. It is a solitary and dramatic landscape that has infused the band's songs with a sense of introspection and some striking narratives. “I was raised on farms in Appalachia,” Little explains, “And I think that my perspective on music was shaped by where I grew up. It was twenty minutes to see the nearest person. Being so isolated forced me to be introspective and resourceful. As a kid I would explore these abandoned houses and barns and wonder what had happened in those places.”
With a diverse assemblage of influences ranging from Animal Collective to Bob Dylan to The Beatles and The Cure, the band's poetic lyricism and folk instrumentation is consistently enhanced by elements of pop, post-punk and psychedelia. It is a sound that evolved from playing alongside an array of electrified bands at DIY house shows. “The scene in Columbus is really vibrant and diverse,” Little explains. “The connecting thread has less to do with musical style than a shared ethos. We were this quiet folk band playing with punk and hardcore bands so we would try to channel as much volume and power from those instruments.”
Playing acoustic also allowed the band to develop by playing in decidedly unconventional settings, purposely removing the barrier between artist and listener. “We played under a bridge and in a highway overpass which was like a huge concrete bunker,” Little says. “When we tour we never know where we're going to play. We perform in living rooms and basements. Last summer we followed a dirt road to this remote clearing where these kids had gathered and played inside a Yurt. At times like that there's this feeling that something really unique is happening.”-ANTI

It was HAPPY ALONE that had me hooked and left me wanting more with this album.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

They have such a beautiful sound!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff!