Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Faking It

MTV's new show!

STORYLINE: After numerous attempts of trying to be popular two best friends decide to come out as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy decide to keep up their romantic ruse.

Amy is played by Rita Volk who was Katnip in THE HUNGOVER GAMES. Karma her bestie is played by Katie Stevens who performed on American Idol back in 2010.

The show is certainly creating you fandoms and a lot of questions. Whose having the most feelings for who. And are they really faking at all?

Gregg Sulkin plays Liam who just might be the number one hottie on the show, but there is also Michael J. Willett who just might steal the show.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This definitely seems fitting for the 21st Century.


Sara Gerard said...

Wow, this seems interesting.