Saturday, May 10, 2014

I'm Fan Girling

Garber now plays Icabod Krane's Dad on the new Sleepy Hallow.

It wasn't until yesterday that somebody told me Victor Garber didn't play the father on Downton Abbey, but Victor Garber (Canadian) did play the dad on ALIAS. Hugh Bonneville who does play Robert Crawley was born in 1963 while Garber was born in 1949. Funny thing..they were both born in London. Except one was born in Ontario while the other one was born in England.

Look who was on the Vicar of Dibley? Before Downton Abbey.
Do you know which actress this is?

Oh..don't get me started about Elisabeth Perkins and Mary-Louise Parker.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Garber looks perfect for the role!!


ellie said...

Honestly, I did think Hugh was older and Garber was younger..And its funny how so many actually confuse Elisabeth Perkins with Mary-Louise Parker.

deb said...

I'm banking that's Mary-Louise Parker from WEEDS and Fried Green Tomatoes