Monday, May 19, 2014

Neighbors & The Other Woman

 Rogen and co. return after the huge/whopping success of last summers “This is The End”, with “Neighbors”, a comedy pitting Rogen against the walking talking female erection known as Zac Efron, and nothing against Efron, he’s really good in this role, but I must say, every time I see him in roles in… well, c’mon, whenever that dudes shirt is off you’re reminded how much you hate yourself, and why you should never take a date with you to see one of his films, because more than likely your date will through the Efron guilt trip on you.-Aaron Shore

Oh..its War on Comedy. But one might wonder who gets the last laugh in these two comedies. One is more of a Chick Flick while the other is by way of THE HANGOVER with extra insults. Still if you need a laugh to get your summer started....hmmmm..its seriously hard to just might want to wait until they are both on DVD.

The Other Woman has its eye-candy too.
Plotting. Scheming..oh what more could one want in a comedy? Sometimes, its frightening what makes us laugh, but some will say this movie was almost brilliant. Yet again, there is that recycled affect comedies have on us, but it is a fun film, never the less.
Bottom line..girls need to stick together.