Thursday, May 1, 2014

Third Vision

I accidentally found out about this band, and I'm glad I did. I used one of their photos in a collage I was making for a post I was doing at ellie, and this girl commented to tell me that her brother was the drummer in the I had to go check their stuff out.

LA-based indie band Third Vision has become an entity of the pop/alternative genre, packaging a unique blend of edge and charisma. Their vibe is reminiscent of artists such as Imagine Dragons, Coldplay and Snow Patrol. The band has released an EP along with a video for the single
Lighthouse Ave that has reached 30,000 YouTube streams. The band can be found gigging around Los Angeles  performing at venues including Dragonfly, Silverlake Lounge among others.-kingsofar

Third Vision, a name that originates from seeing with your third eye, explains where this band wants to go with their music. Taking it to new heights and unheard sounds as well as placing positive messages and heart felt emotion into their lyrics.

In the summer of 2001, vocalist/guitarist Dave B. ran into drummer Ray C., both disappointed about the departure of their previous projects began to talk. After talking for a while Dave and Ray decided to get together and "jam" one afternoon. They played for a few days, things really clicked between them, realizing this great chemistry they decided to form a new band and look for other members. Resulting in the eventual find of bassist Jim F., better know as Lunchbox.

In March of 2004 Third Vision found the missing piece to the chaos when Nick Gilcrest joined the group of three to make four, adding an extra crunching guitar sound and backing vocal cords. 
Third Vision was formed in Swedesboro, a small town in South Jersey .By three local guys who were just board with small town life and the bull crap that goes with it. You can really see the chemistry between these guys and they know its there. Their focused on the big picture and once you hear them you will be to. It all comes down to amazing music, a great live show and selling lots of records.-sterokiller


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