Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Story of Luke

Oh, I've missed Lou Taylor Pucci. This was such a sweet and fun indie film about off beat Luke (Pucci) who has to move in with his rich uncle's family after his grandmother dies.

"I scream sometimes. I should not, but I do. Breathing helps, and pancakes."-Luke

Naturally, Luke has a set schedule of his life which revolves around cooking shows, but all that changes after a pep talk from his grandpa. He wants to be on his own. Which means, he has to find a job.

Anyway, I stayed. That’s what friends are for, so I’ve read somewhere.
— Zack to Luke, “The Story of Luke.” I won’t lie, I started bawling at this. I mean it’s such a huge character development for Zack. Not to mention, Zack’s most likely the only friend that Luke has. I love this movie.- a fan

Of course, he has the boss from hell played by the also quirky Seth Green as Zack. Still a bromance emerges in the most unlikely way of trying to be normal. Also Luke teaches his aunt to cook.

The movie does have some bittersweet moments. It isn't all perfect. But the movie has such a wonderful cast. Cary Elwes plays his uncle and Kristin Bauer van Straten as Aunt Cindy.

Honestly, I loved the movie so much more than I thought I would. Of course, I loved Luke.

STORYLINE: Sheltered by his grandparents, Luke, a young man with autism, is thrust into a world that doesn't expect anything from him. But Luke is on a quest for a job and true love. And he isn't taking no for an answer.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I think I would enjoy this!


ellie's desk said...

I loved LOU in this film!