Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gilles Marini

Gilles Marini

Switched at Birth had me crying the entire episode Monday night. So sad. Angelo's story. After his car crash he was brain dead and the family had to decide.

For a while on the show, I didn't like him much, but then he and Daphne finally got close. I imagined him going to France with the girls to visit his family. It was at the saddest point when Bay couldn't remember her last conversation she had with her father. 

I kept thinking..Daphne really needs to open up that restaurant and cook all of Angelo's favorite recipes. 

He really was great on the show.

Sure he was number one eye-candy on Sex in City and he showed us that HE CAN DANCE on Dancing with the Stars. He can always be sexy in films and movies, but in Switched At Birth gave him a very serious role. Angelo always thought Regina had cheated on him because Daphne was blond and fair. Angelo and Regina always had tough battle and were very verbal to each other. I think the show is something that reflects a lot of couples' lives. Maybe even in his final episode you could learn from it.  I'll miss Angelo on Switched at Birth.