Friday, August 1, 2014

Tristan & Miles

Tristan & Miles

Degrassi always makes room for all kinds of romance on the show which is a good thing when it comes to teen shows. Yet, in the past year are so many of these shows have exploded in the lesbian couples. Which of course, is a great feat.

Still..there are just some characters you want to watch and grow. Like Tristan on Degrassi. He's had to fight fat. He's been there for all his besties, but he's pretty much unlucky in love. And I think he is relate-able. And he's always had a crush on Miles.

Now Miles is a player. He's rich. He always gets the girl. Well, almost. Its just its taken him most of the year to realize just what a hurtful person he can be. And yes, he did have girls fighting over him. And he does get caught up in scandal. 

But a little twist in the season finale..let Tristan win. He got the the sweetest way.

It was Miles who told him he shouldn't have let the teacher touch him. Of course, Tristan was in shock and awe that someone finally found him attractive. In his heart he thought it was love. After all, he's a teenage boy who wanted what boys think all the time about.

Of course, as one person informed me...Miles isn't gay.

Well, life isn't black and white either. At least this season left me with something to look forward too. Just how will the story go? Miles did tell Tristan after the kiss..that it was a GOOD KIND OF WEIRD.

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