Monday, September 22, 2014

The Maze Runner

Oh..what an incredible cast! This movie possibly would not have worked with such solid actors. I gotta say Dylan O'Brien is such an expressive fellow.

The whole cast did have to do a lot of running. It is a very intense show. And baffling as the viewer goes into the maze with Thomas, wondering..what is really going on.  Unfortunately, this suspenseful tale is one big commercial to get to the next movie.-Ivy

The Maze Runner was honestly the best shucking movie I have ever seen! Thank you James, Wes, Dylan, and every other shank that made this movie so shucking awsome. And anyone else catch that cameo at the end???-Syd

This movie was just as stressful as the book and now I remember why I enjoyed the book so much. It was intense, terrifying all the time, and just everything I remembered the book to be like. So I really enjoyed this movie. I loved the cast because they were all amazing. Minho, Newt, Thomas, Alby, Teresa. All amazing actors, amazing characters. There were some changes but nothing that drove me nuts. I’m sorry if Maze Runner isn’t your thing. But I personally enjoyed the book AND the movie a lot.-JJ


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Sara Gerard said...

Oh! This looks SO GOOD.