Wednesday, September 17, 2014

White Frog

“Grandma said a long time ago, that vietnamese people used to eat coconut and frogs.
Yeah, coconut and frogs.
They’d take a coconut and make a small cut and insert the tadpole, then, a few weeks later, they’d open up the coconut to find a blind frog with white skin. It’d have the smoothest skin and the softest coconut flavored meat.
For most of my life, I’ve been like one of those tadpoles. Growing up in this strage world that never seemed right, but trying my best to fit in, to grow into a frog.
Our parents wanted us to be perfect. They had an image of what perfect should be. But in the end, I don’t deserve to live in a coconut.
No one does.
I’m not a white frog and I will not be a white frog.
Even if I’m weird, or different, or strange.
Cause you know what?
Everyone is different.”—White Frog

This is such a special movie. And its great to see a Chinese American movie like this. Especially, a wonderful chance to see Booboo Stewart in such a drama. His character has Asperger's. His brother Chaz played by the very talented Harry Shum Jr. is such a loving older brother with Chaz. They are very close.

However, he's even closer to his best friend, rich Randy (Gregg Sulkin) and its after Chaz's death that Nick has to come to terms with his almost perfect brother.

    Tyler Posey also stars as one of Chaz's friends.

I really felt this movie had a lot of depth. And its the secrets that people leave behind that can be so life changing. Especially, for family.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This sounds incredibly interesting.


Sara Gerard said...

Seems pretty cool!