Monday, October 20, 2014

Books to keep you up all night

Who knew losing one’s virginity could be so tricky? At 22, college senior Bliss still has her V-card firmly in hand. Determined to cash it in, she goes in search of a one-night stand and finds Garrick, a hunky blond Brit with a penchant for Shakespeare. Bliss brings him home, indulges in some steamy saliva swapping, then freaks out once she gets him naked in her bed. “Stop! Cats! Stop,” she shrieks, fleeing her apartment sans shirt and shoes at three in the morning, shouting that she has to pick up her (nonexistent) cat from the (fictional) 24-hour cat vet. The humiliated Bliss thinks she’s hit rock bottom, but she hasn’t—yet. That comes the next day, when she arrives at class and discovers that the hot British hunk whom she so spectacularly dumped is her new theater professor
Former-policeman Harry Hole returns to Oslo with one purpose: to find Gusto Hannsen's killer. The only problem? The murder is already solved, and the murderer—Oleg, the son of Harry's ex-lover—is behind bars. But Hole's intuition tells him Oleg is innocent, a suspicion that grows once learns that Oleg is mixed up in the sale of an illegal drug called violin, a synthetic form of heroine, produced by a man only referred to as Dubai. To solve Gusto's murder Hole must find Dubai, a phantom described as "so visible on the streets and yet so invisible behind the scenes." Ashe spirals deeper and deeper into the world of Oslo's drug trade,he as learns that everyone, even the most innocent of the city,has something to hide when it comes to Gusto's death.Whether you are already a fan of Harry Hole from Jo Nesbø's previous best selling Nordic crime novels including "The Snowman" and "The Leopard," or just getting to know him, the gripping suspense and fast-paced action that fills "Phantom"will keep you reading until dawn.

What kind of books keep you up all night?


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Losing It sounds fun!!


ellie said...

hahaha..yeah, I think that one would keep me up ..all night!

Sara Gerard said...

Losing It sounds hilarious!