Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! A Halloween Fiction Short

I Saw Something-Halloween Fiction Short

OK, so it was going to be the best Halloween ever. No messing around in the cemetery tonight. Believe me, I've made enough zombie movies to last me.

Nope, just me and my babe, Tessa.

Who finally said yes, to the old Baker place.

See, she used to live there when she was little. Naturally, she never talked much about it, but people around kept saying its haunted.

Yeah, right. I mean, something else popped into my mind when I thought of that big old house out on Cemetery Road. Yeah, tonight was our night.

The moon was big. Harvest gold. It just illuminated the place. Still, I used my flashlight on my phone, cause somebody might be afraid of the dark.

Not me.

"So tell me about the place?" I asked in the pale twilight. There were barely curtains now.

Tessa flicked back her raven hair and took one big step at a time in her dusty army boots.

"Well, the TV used to be there." She pointed by the bay window. Next Tessa pointed to the kitchen,which was just a huge space with a sink now, in a bed of dust.

Tessa shrugged as if she didn't really want to remember.

"I was barely four, how would I know?" She gave me a look as if it were time to stop asking questions. So I kissed her as if to tell her what was next. We lingered for some time, as I held on to the bottle of cheap wine.

I thought I heard a growl, but I'm pretty sure it was just my stomach.

"Show me upstairs." I looked her in the eye and gave her an open smile.

She took a long sip of the sour red wine. I got out a Tootsie pop and slipped it into my mouth, waiting for my turn.

"I dunno." She shivered. I reached for another Tootsie pop in my back pocket as if I hadn't neglected her, after all.

She popped the sucker in her mouth and took a deep breath.

"You know, how..much .. I want you?" Actually, I'd been counting the days, weeks,  months.

"OK." She turned and made great strides up the old staircase, three steps at a time, in fact.  It was then I wondered if it was the place she didn't trust, or me, but I followed.. as if this was our destiny.

By the time she reached the top of the stairs, I thought I saw something move, but it was only the wind moving the skeletal curtain. The window was broken out.

"You, think transits live here?" I tensed, a bit worried, but I didn't want my girl to know it.

"Just..just stop talking, Axel." She sounded kind of bitter.

"'t ..want too.." Still something in my pants wanted to persuade her this was a great idea. This was no trick. Just a treat. Wasn't it?

"You know, I want too." She looked me in the eye.

I let a grin slip as I bit my bottom lip.

Before I knew it, we were in her parent's bedroom with a mattress on the floor just like she said.

OK, it was far from a four star hotel, but this was the old Backer's  house. We were going to spend our one year anniversary here.

 Let the night commence.

First thing, she flung the bedroll on the bed. But I kissed her as if to keep this genuine. It was going to be OK.

My flashlight on my cell was off and it was just us.

So we kissed more in the moonlight and it felt like the first time we were ever together. It was meant to be. She got me and I got her. Just like at the party we met at on Halloween night. We'd stumble in to each other, and she was like a heavy metal song I could get drunk on.

There was nobody like Tessa Moseley, who was once a Baker, but she got adopted and we were sucking face, softly into each others essence. It was going to happen.

God, she wore a lot of clothes. Deninum overall shorts, in fact. All those buttons and buckles, striped stockings underneath. Thank God, she was not wearing a bra, but a tight white ribbed tank, instead.

I never thought we'd get undressed. And the Autumn cold was invigorating. Making me want to get on with it. But we kissed. Sticky kisses. Hungry kisses. Lingering kisses.

She ended up on top.

Well, that wasn't how I quite imagined it, but still, maybe it was more majestic that way. And it was happening.

But for a moment, I thought I saw a glowing orb behind her.

"What?" She asked, looking down at me.

"Nothing." I gritted a grin, because ..well...penetration was happening and something wasn't giving up the ghost just yet.

It was over in about 12 minutes. OK, it might have been three. I shivered once the protective plastic was ripped off and flung against the wall. I huddled next to her warmth, wishing we could do it all over again, but I felt sleepy instead.

Next thing I knew, I was all alone.

"Tessa!" I couldn't believe she'd do this. She was a cuddler. I guessed. It wasn't like we were a real couple until now. And this was just freaky. Yeah, I said more than her name. I roared into the F bomb and was probably the worst boyfriend ever invented. But she left me!

I rummaged for my flannel boxers and went downstairs, even if it was cold as a dead winter's night. Sweater weather was definitely over. It had to be November.  Damn, if it wasn't snowing. Inside.

"Tessa." I whispered, but then yelled her name.

There she was in the livingroom, Naked. Hugging her knees.

I pushed my fingers through my heavy hair and sighed.

"What are you doing?"

She said nothing. Her eyes were open, and I thought for a moment she was dead, but she was hugging her knees as the snow was piling up like a winter wonderland.

"Get up." I wasn't sure I wanted to touch her. Tessa was like a cold statue.

"What the.." I stared at her wondering just what to do. All I could do was say her name over and over.

When I awoke I was in a sweat, Tessa was next to me in the bedroll. I was so thankful as I felt the rush of my heartbeat take over me.

I was about to smile, but then I saw that thing, touching her head. We were not alone.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

So creepy! For some reason this reminded me of Annabelle - scary indeed!