Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Le Week-End

Oh..its just a little movie about relationships. Granted, the couple might be too old for your cup of tea. Still, its a great look at the dynamics that go into a true relationship. It exposes the honesty in this academic couple who have been married a good 30 years. And in spite of the love and hate they see in each other, there is a certain zing that remains.
"A man who still wants to make love to his wife. That’s unusual, if not a far-out perversion?"

The movie stars Lindsay Duncan and Jim Broadbent as Meg and Nic. They are a bit on the outs with their marriage because Nic wants to help the son who is bringing them down financially and Meg won't hear of it. After all, she is ready to leave him, but he has been let got at the Uni for some small spiteful thing he said about a student's hair. So they are off to discover Paris. However, they are on quite a budget..And Meg has some clever ideas that just might get them into trouble.

And then there is Jeff Goldblum's Morgan who is a very old friend of Nic's who finds them kissing on the street and just imagines everything is electric between them.

This is a story about how life changes someone, but not completely. Maybe Meg and Nic find themselves in love again. Whatever it is..its quite an adventure in this movie. And what better way ast to make this trio the new Band of Outsiders.

Ollie Alexander gets an American accent in this film. He plays Morgan's son, but one wonders if he be happier if he were actually Nic's son.

I loved the cinematography in this film. A real treat to see Paris in bloom. It is a wonderful indie film!



Lady parisienne said...

It sounds like a nice one!

Sara Gerard said...

I really wanted to see this! I think I will have to put it on our list.

Sara Gerard said...

I really wanted to see this! I think I will have to put it on our list.

cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I don't know if I would love this - I do adore the setting!