Monday, October 6, 2014

The Skelton Twins

Oh..take two comedic actors and get a real drama! With a little help from the Duplass brothers and Wow..just wow!

Bill Hader was so real as Milo, Maggie's depressed gay brother. The two haven't spoken to each other in 10 years. The movie stars with Milo attempting suicide. I sounds like a real downer. But leave it to Kristen Wiig and Hader to make the movie work.

Yes, its dysfunctional, yet the story really touches a lot of us, who like to perhaps forget some things.

Luke Wilson and Ty Burell also star in this indie film. Oh and this year's IT boy is in the film, as well...Boyd Holbrook. Holbrook is quite the chameleon..honestly,

I thought he was Charlie Hunan in this film. The supporting cast is quite quirky and clever too which makes the film even more character driven. Yes, I did enjoy this film.


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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I just don't think I'd like this film. :/