Friday, November 7, 2014

Only Lovers Left Alive

What can I say..the enthusiasm I had once I actually had the DVD in my hand. I've been waiting forever to see this film. And we finally got it at the library. Yes, the library..and then I had to go on HOLD and wait even longer. I mean, WOW Tom and Tilda together. At Detroit City.

I gotta say if the movie would have been half as good as the one churning in my would have been a masterpiece. But it was down right boring to me. I know, expectations got the best of me.

I'm waiting and waiting for something to happen..and dang if Tom's Adam doesn't act a whole lot like someone I know. Ugh...

So, some would say "Hey, just didn't get it..that's all." And maybe I didn't. Maybe I didn't even want too.

It might as well have been about hipsters who just hung out at home with their old stuff, finding ways to buy older stuff on ebay.

True..I did like the line about people being 'zombies' and rock'n roller teenagers. And yeah, I was very glad Adam could use his ingenuity. Still, I kind of wish Eve could have been a little more helpful. Although, he was her ying to his yang..I suppose.

And yeah, the sister comes to visit and ruins everything, but couldn't that have happened before and they would have known how to out smart her..just little?

And Detroit isn't all that.. seen on an empty street in the black of night. Which is sad. I do wish directors could find more joy in the cities they choose, but even the ones who come all the way out here in the heartland are sure to only shoot in front of abortion clinics or huge highlines for the back drop.

So be it. And well, I know there are some lovers out there of this movie, but I'm not sure I'm one of them.



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This looks incredibly bizarre + creepy.


Sara Gerard said...

I wanted to see this so bad when it came out, and yet I haven't seen it! Sorry you didn't like it, I have two friends who are in love with it, but they are theater geeks, so maybe that has something to do with it?

I know where that house is, it is not far from my work. It is right by Comerica Park, actually. It is strange because there are a few run-down houses around there, but then you go down another street and there are fancy condos. I do hate that whenever they show Detroit in a movie, is an abandoned house, or the abandoned train station (Transformers).

ellie said...

I was still very happy to see Tom in a movie. I just wished more would have happened.

I know a lot of people think its incredible.