Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Liberal Arts

Oh, I think its one of my favorite movies! Someone gave me the DVD for Christmas. I always wanted to watch it and then to have it..well, it was really an offbeat yet sweet and insightful movie. It might not have been a stretch for Josh Radnor, but he was definitely in his element. He is the guy who loved the University and books and learning. Of course, the University is a world within a world and his Jesse goes back to that world and gets tangled up with Sophomore Zibby (Elisabeth Olsen). Honestly, I love their friendship. Zac Efron has a bit part as Nate, the guy just hanging out on campus. It probably has to be one of my favorite performances of his. And I always have a soft spot for John Magaro who played suicidal Dean. Actually, the film was so much better than I anticipated.

The purpose of fiction was to combat loneliness.
— Liberal arts


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