Thursday, January 1, 2015

Some of my favorites this past year

Some of my favorite things this past year

1. Finding Carter was my favorite new show.
2. I finally got to see the last episode of Skins. And the last few were so freaky, but I finally fell in love with Cook in the end, after all. And so happy to see the actor who played him is now in UNBROKEN.
3. I found new faith in Emily Browning's acting skills after seeing God Help the Girl. Maybe everything is better with Olly Alexander.
4. I survived watching IF I STAY. OK..I know you won't to admit it, but this was right up there with that other romantic teen movie I will not name, but beautiful Jaime Blackley made the film watchable.
5. Oh, who knew Barry would be so irresistible in THE FLASH!
6. One Direction still GOT it in FOUR. As someone put it..they are the veterans now in Boy Bands.
7. Can't wait for more of ARROW.
8. Love the soundtracks to REIGN and FINDING CARTER.

May your new year be so bright that you have to wear shades! Happy 2015!


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I need to check out Arrow once and for all!


Sara Gerard said...

Lots of great stuff here!