Friday, January 23, 2015

The CW

One thing I can say about the does have shows that do deliver. Honestly, I can't say as much for ABC Family's PRETTY LITTLE LIARS.  We'd been waiting what seemed forever for THE FLASH, THE ARROW and THE 100. My weekly favorites. Oh, and that new one on Monday nights winning Globes! JANE THE VIRGIN.
Everyone on this planet at some point in their lives have had a major case of the feels.
— Barry Allen(The Flash)

Barry seems to be saying"Hey.." an awful lot lately. Sure I love this character but please don't get him confuse with Scooby from Scooby doo. Honestly, I was sure they were just trying to make him worker, but as usual he's going strong by the end, and hopefully..he will find real happiness after Iris. Still it was great seeing those PRISON BREAK brothers on Tuesday nights show. However, I'd love to see Wentworth Miller as a good guy..some day.

All is amock on ARROW with Oliver out of the picture. Naturally, it doesn't look good for Oliver as the days go by. Felicity is giving up while Roy is there to the rescue as the ARSENAL. And he's not the only one in town who's found a mask to wear. It will be interesting to see this next chapter of Arrow. Thankfully, our Oliver has been resurrected.
Clarke crying and saying that she had to kill Finn or else they would torture him makes my heart break-The 100 Fandomblog

Unfortunately, I can't say as much for Finn. It almost took 2 episodes for his death scene. And as much as I love the actor who plays him, I can see why they did it. I really like the idea of him hanging around as a ghost. I think it would be cool is Thomas McDonell came back as another character. Of course, that seldom ever happens on American television. Still, it could have the creep factor or not. Or, his Finn could be a ghost. I guess I'm used to that idea after watching Being Human, but of course, this isn't that network. Its the CW.
This means Finn Collins needs more fan fiction!


  1. The CW is basically the BEST network. Katie Cassidy Black Cat on Arrow? I definitely can't see that. :/


  2. Well..Laurel has been through a lot. Especially, after the death of her sister who was the masked crusader. She says she's out for justice. I could see it building in the last few episodes, so in a way its good to see her take action. And she still has faith that Oliver is still alive even if Merlyn has told them otherwise.


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