Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Color in Time

Oh..its not your typical Hollywood movie.... Get ready for some emotions..and poetry for this one. Yes, it definitely has a certain romance to it.

... I see almost all of the reviews for this film ragging on it, saying it feels like a student film. That's because it is a student film, James's students made it years ago as their class projects during his first semester teaching. It's essentially 11 different short films combined into one, and he got his friends (Mila, Braff) to appear in certain segments as favors to him. I attended a Q&A tonight and James explained all of this in great detail, it's supposed to be like a poem on film, it's NOT supposed to be a typical hollywood film with 3 acts and mounting tension, obviously. Enjoy it for what it is, as it's surprising it even got released in theaters or dvd.-BullsEye

Based on CK Williams' life.


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