Friday, February 6, 2015

Eye Candy

Lindy is a 21-year-old hacker with a gift for seeing clues and connections in the digital world that others can't. Persuaded by her roommate to try online dating, Lindy begins to suspect that one of her suitors is a deadly cyber stalker. When the local cyber-crimes unit uncovers a potential serial killer in Manhattan, all signs point to this mysterious stalker. Teaming up with the cyber unit and some hacker friends, Lindy leads the charge to solve these murders while unleashing her own style of "justice" on the streets of New York City.
Victoria Justice all grownup on MTV! This is a very intense and action packed show. There isn't another show quite like it. Perhaps MTV is breaking new ground for shows on its network. It just might have you waiting for more..with stories that do deliver.

Victoria Justice's character Lindy is based off R.L Stine's Book "Eye Candy'', the main character was also named Lindy.Thanks Erika!



  1. Have you read the book by R.L. Stine? I read it when it was first published - it's different than the TV adaptation, but definitely a great beach read!


  2. Oh..that sounds so familiar. There are some stories of R.L. Stine's that I liked better than others...but you are correct..he's in the writing credits! Yeah! for Stine. I always felt he was under-rated. His works are quite the page turners.


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