Friday, February 13, 2015

What Shall We Do

what shall we do

I can't go on. I can't live without you. But I'm not sure I can make it to the end of this trip. Well..he was thinking it. But he gritted. Waited for her to buckle up and then went on.

Yes, they were leaving this old gray town.

"If only the fog would lift," she said.

"You, think that would make, you, happy?" He doubted it. He truly did. She'd find something to argue about. After all, she'd been married once already and engaged at least 3 times. What in the world was he doing with her?

She looked over and gave him the evil eye. 

Some how, she always came back. He guessed he kept her calm. But it was hard to tell today.

"You know, it isn't easy for me." She admitted, and he almost grinned, but he knew that would be the end of the conversation. She would stop talking and the silence would ware on.

"Well, it wouldn't hurt if you did..see that cousin of yours. I don't think she'd judge you you seem to think. She knows you have a problem with spaces, small children and....and.." He was sure the list had grown since the last time he checked. "People who look like they might get fat."

She was in a huff. Ready to go on. Just the two of them. Today was their's. Yes, what would they do?

She was moody, but he loved that about her.

Come, Monday..he'd be back at work.

But today was a journey. Their journey. Hopefully, to the grocery store.

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