Wednesday, March 25, 2015

And While We Were Here

Oh..its a bitter sweet romantic Italy. Kate Bosworth's Jane is at a crossroad with her musician husband on a trip to Italy where he plays in an amazing orchestra. She is doing her best to write a book from her Grandmother's story about surviving the war, yet she feels she has failed her grandmother and is with certainty that her husband hates her. And then there is Jamie Blackley's character who isn't quite a stalker, but just this American who so happens to be in the right place to hook up with Jane. Blackley is surely pure sex. Not that he's everything..yet he is a scene stealer. The perfect film for cold ice queen Bosworth. Needless to say it a bit of a bummer ending which definitely holds a reality check to it. In the mood to get away to the streets of Italy? There are some lovely sights.

You’ve got to make your own life, one that you love, and you can’t be afraid of the time. Time is shiftable. There are moments of my life that I’d trade sixty years to have back again. That’s the truth. You know the truth when you find it. It’ll come to you like something you’ve known before rather than something you’re learning for the first time.
— And While We Were Here


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