Monday, March 2, 2015


Granted you might have to be 13 or 15 to really appreciate this film. After all, its a YouTuber movie with a Ferris Bueller tactic to it. The film stars Cameron Dallas as his natural charming self. But then again, many wouldn't find Dallas all that charming unless you are  a faithful fan of his YouTube Channel. The film also stars the old Miley Cyrus proto-type Lia Marie Johnson as Katie who comes to "Felix's" (Cameron Dallas) rescue when he needs all the help he can get to keep his parents from finding out he's been expelled. Naturally, he is a legendary prankster, but then his older brother (another reality star of YouTube-Marcus Johns) Ben is pretty much a prankster himself who has been shipped off to some awful school in Montana. If you're a grownup, its sure to make you groan, but like I said..if you have a YouTube love that has waited for this moment, you will certainly eat this up. I gotta say, I didn't find the film vulgar, and much better written than the Nickelodeon genre of TV movies. Yet you might find Cameron Dallas as just another Beiber in the making. Although, I do find that he has a natural ability to be animated. Just maybe he is the next big thing. Oh..but then..there are those that know this already.

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