Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fiction Tuesday-The Girl on The Train

The book to read this year in BOOK CLUBS, or just good reading in bed. It has something for everybody. The thing is..can you trust a drunk girl on a train? Oh, its popular at the library, and its really getting folks into reading who generally can't find a book to read. Its one of those that you can't put down. So keep it on your list. You might not get it right away at the library, but as many tell me..its worth it.

 The story is told by three characters, Rachel, Megan and Anna. Rachel’s life has unraveled because of her divorce, alcoholism and unemployment and as she rides the train each day from home to Euston she makes up stories about the lives of the people she sees through the passing train window. She is envious of a young couple, whom she has named Jess & Jason and despises her ex-husband Tom’s new wife Anna. One day she sees Jess, (real name Megan) from the train window with someone other than her husband Jason, (real name Scott). Shortly after this encounter she finds out that Megan has disappeared and begins to involve herself in the disappearance to the annoyance of her ex-husband Tom, Megan’s husband, Scott and the police. Because of her blackouts she cannot always remember what she actually witnessed, or is that because others are telling her she is unreliable? The story is a roller coaster of emotions - Darian



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