Saturday, March 28, 2015

Pretty Little Liars

Oh..they've got us talking..once more..just waiting for the summer season.

Although, I'm not really sure we need everyone so held hostage at the moment. Its a dirty trick in horror that you hope never happens in real life, but I can only hope the girls will escape. Soon.

Now the twist and turns of the twin theory. We might have a name. Charles. Yes, I knew they'd pull a twin thing on us, but not Alison's twin. Perhaps, Jason's twin..which I hope it identical because that would be ever so clever. Since he's pulled a few things that just don't feel like Jason would a one night stand with Hanna's Mom.

Honestly, I did want Andrew to be A. But I'm having my doubts now. Wouldn't it be fun if Alison's mom had two sets of twins? I guess that would go too far.

I have to say the suspense has gotten better on the show. Even scary.

In the beginning, I"Oh..come on.." I still have those moments with the show. It is basically one big cliffhanger to the other each season with a catchy playlist and of course, the style of each liar..which I doubt any real student would be caught in on a school day.

What I did not know was how much younger the actress is who plays Alison. She was only 12 in the pilot. At the rate we are going the girls are going to be in their 40's before they ever start college and A is comprehended. I have to say..I hope they end the series soon before it gets totally silly.
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And there is that totally silly side about it. Especially, with Ezra and Caleb trying to figure out who A is. Sometimes, they come off like an old married couple.

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