Friday, March 20, 2015

The Highs and Lows of TV watching

I was so impressed with iZombie! I want more. Still, kind of not sure how she's such a smart zombie..but still, great to see this in the CW lineup!

OMG..I almost lost it when I saw Cisco's death. What kind of evil is Dr. Wells? And Iris finally saw Barry as the Flash..the kiss..oh goodness..will it really last? And is Barry time traveling..and doesn't even know it? Well, maybe his new power will help Cisco. We can only hope.

Oh, those pretty little liars. Its looking rather grim. Girls going to jail. Seriously making, Orange the new black. What will become of them? Can their boys save them? And is it all Andrew's doing. Oh..can't wait for more! But as usual..I'm sure ABC family will leave it in a cliff hanger.

 Jude and Connor. Wow..just wow. So sad and I really hope they can get back together. Just how will this season end?

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