Tuesday, April 28, 2015

NonFiction Tuesday - Poetry

Here are 200 of the most beautiful and best-loved poems in the English language collected and arranged especially for Kindle readers. The design of this anthology is inspired by the structure of a sonnet: 

14 Poems for 14 Themes 

Love; Parting and Sorrow; Inspiration; Mystery and Enigmas; Humour and Curiosities; Rapture; A Door Opens, A Door Closes; Memory; Tales and Songs; Nature; Cities; Solitude; Contemplation; and Animals. There are poems for every mood and occasion, and alongside the more famous works, are some lesser known gems of English poetry. 

Included are masterpieces by Shakespeare, Dickinson, Hart Crane, T.S. Eliot, E.E. Cummings, Walt Whitman, Robert Browning, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Yeats, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Christina Rossetti, and many other outstanding poets. Please view the preview of this book for a full listing. 

At Elsinore Books we pride ourselves on creating beautiful Kindle Books, and devote great attention to formatting, and ease of navigation. This book contains a cleanly-styled contents page that permits easy movement between poems. You can return at any time to the contents page by clicking on the title of each poem.

Have you struggled to write an authentic, inspirational, moving poem? Learn how to write beautiful poems with How To Write Poetry by Cynthia Sharp. 

From classic haiku to multi-style poetic license, How To Write Poetry is a beautiful series of lessons on not just how to inspire your poetic heart, but also how to write, confident your poems are correctly structured and full of authentic meaning and story. Cynthia Sharp has been published in numerous literary journals and anthologies on four continents. Her short stories and poetry have been broadcast internationally and nominated for The Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Anthology. She taught high school for many years before becoming a writing coach and holds honors degrees in creative writing and English. 

How To Write Poetry is for both teachers and individuals who yearn to write beautiful, moving, inspirational poems. Starting with an exercise in sensory writing, Cynthia Sharp takes the reader on a journey that allows both the novice and more established poet to grasp the intricacies and subtleties of poetic structure and dialog, connecting words with the reader’s emotions and heart. 

How To Write Poetry is a compilation of proven and praised workshops and lessons offered to thousands of students of all English language levels and cultural backgrounds. The course material can easily be adjusted for small to large groups, individual instruction, and home use for your own more casual introduction to writing poetry. Cynthia Sharp states in her introduction, "What I offer you is the art of poetry with a spiritual touch – a guide to inspire your soul into words. We begin with meditative prompts to evoke your inner voice. As the chapters advance, classical terms and linguistics analysis are applied into concrete steps tailored to enhance the literary quality of every poet’s vision.” 

One Line Class: Poetry 101


  1. I haven't read poetry in forever - it used to be one of my favorite things.


  2. Both of these books look really good!


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