Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fiction Tuesday-Leaving George

She made a carefully planned getaway that she thought left no trace...

After twenty years of hell, Pauline decides to leave her abusive husband. Her escape has been meticulously planned so that he will not be able to find her.

In her temporary hideaway on the Cornish coast, Pauline begins to relax and enjoy life again exploring the beach and taking in the simple rural charm. She plans a new and savours her new found freedom.

Then some strange things begin to happen.

When her past does catch up with her, it will not be at all what she is expecting.

Follow Pauline's journey in this gripping, suspenseful thriller you will not be able to put down. 

Sometimes books have too much action and everything is all bad ....
I dislike those books . 

Leaving George has a lot happening and it is all bad ....I loved this book ;-) 

Something to be said for psych thrillers ;-)-Angie

Leaving George

Perhaps, you are in dire need of a thriller. Many a critic will tell you, here you go. The book came out in January by Diane M. Dickson.  Some might find it more fast moving than others, as the runaway housewife runs into all sorts of troubles. Yet, you just might think Dickson the clever one.

It is a rather short read. Sometimes, this can be a disadvantage. The beginning made great strides while the ending..um ...not so much. Still, these days, it is hard to find time to read..so....

Still, you might want to take a look at LEAVING GEORGE. Even men might enjoy reading it.

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