Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shut up and Go or Shut up: Flower Boy Band

Oh..if you love boy bands and Korean just might have to check out the show from 2012 now on Netflix. It might come across as just another K-Pop kind of thing, but somewhere down the line is a touch of SKINS and some real drama as the show progresses.

You start to root for certain someones, especially, Sung-Jun's character who has to take over Eye-Candy and keep the band together.

This voice is so strange – when I’m lonely it makes my heart feel warm, when I’m excited it makes my heart race, and when I’m sad it makes me want to cry.”-Shut up & Go has a lot feels!

Sung Joon..LOVE this guy!
Lee Hyun Shoo looks so American yet I'm so happy he isn't. Still, you wish you knew a guy like that. So laid back.
Lee Min Ki is like the Ezra Miller of KDrama. You just never know what this spontaneous dude might do.
Best Bromance Ever!



cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

This looks absolutely amazing!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these guys!