Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shut up and Go or Shut up: Flower Boy Band

Oh..if you love boy bands and Korean just might have to check out the show from 2012 now on Netflix. It might come across as just another K-Pop kind of thing, but somewhere down the line is a touch of SKINS and some real drama as the show progresses.

You start to root for certain someones, especially, Sung-Jun's character who has to take over Eye-Candy and keep the band together.

This voice is so strange – when I’m lonely it makes my heart feel warm, when I’m excited it makes my heart race, and when I’m sad it makes me want to cry.”-Shut up & Go has a lot feels!

Sung Joon..LOVE this guy!
Lee Hyun Shoo looks so American yet I'm so happy he isn't. Still, you wish you knew a guy like that. So laid back.
Lee Min Ki is like the Ezra Miller of KDrama. You just never know what this spontaneous dude might do.
Best Bromance Ever!



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