Monday, June 29, 2015

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl

What can I say? The summer sleeper! A gem of a movie. Thomas Mann..I love you man..and RJ Cyler..where you been all my life?

Yes, its sort of a John Green kind of a film..maybe..maybe not....John Hughes..well..maybe...maybe not. It stands all on its own.

I like the fact that the houses looked lived in and the parents who might be cool in their own right..are still just parents, too. Oh, embrace the unique and quirkiness of this film! So this guy named Greg makes movies with Earl. Not very good films, but his Dad is a fan. 

And there is Rachel..this girl who Greg's mother forces him to be friends with because Greg is the kind of guy who isn't sure he really wants to be friends with anyone. He just wants to survive high school.

So just how can a self loathing guy cheer up a dying girl like Rachel? Well, he  might not hate every minute, after all.

The film has so much going for it. The way its shot. The quirky people at school. The lunchroom alone is like a war zone. I loved the creativity of it.  Just gotta say it is my favorite movie this summer!


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  1. This looks so amazing - I almost bought the book over the weekend!



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