Friday, June 19, 2015

Who is Sara Harvey?

Oh..PRETTY LITTLE LIARS are at it again this summer. Giving us doubts, feeding us clues, but in the end..telling us nothing. And then there is Sara Harvey..A's first victim who just can't go home. She ends up at Emily's. Some think she's Cece's twin, but actually, I'd love to see Emily and Sara together. The others have the ONE. Why not Emily? Granted, you might think Emily needs to save someone..and Sara definitely needs saving, but I find her much more charming and a whole lot sweeter than Page or the many others Emily has found herself with. I'm hoping she's the ONE and not just another fly by night Emily falls for, then doubts and pushes away.

Sara Harvey Style ..when you've been held captive far too long.


  1. I finally watched the first-ever episode of PLL a few days ago, and loved it - can't wait to see how it progresses!



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