Friday, October 16, 2015

Alex & Ducky

Alex & Ducky #2

FAN FIC based on Ann M. Martin's California Diaries series

Where do we go from here?

OK, so you know what Jay is going to say. "I knew this would happen, bro."

That's all you get. After all, Jay was never your favorite problem solver. You can't always pick your friends.

OK, so maybe you are the last to know and things just click. But then you ask yourself..why did it take so long for it to happen? The KISS.

Granted, you're pretty sloppy at this. After all, you're the guy who gives flowers to everyone on Valentines day. You pick up your friends, at a moments notice. Even if you are beginning to wonder if they are as mature as you thought they were. They do tend to date all the wrong guys. come? You let Sunny tell you, "Alex is all wrong for you. Its all wrong." After all you are on this high of some kind. Because you did what you wanted to do. Not what everyone expected you to do. And you feel really good about you and Alex..and...

You sit and listen, thinking..well, she has a point.

1. You just started college. Alex isn't even ready to take a GED. "He'll drag you down." Sunny emphasizes, which seems like replay in your head, but she only meets you at the coffee shop because they have the best Chocolate Hazelnut Frappie in town.
2. Where is Alex suppose to live? You can't be his bodyguard. Night and day. Again, you hear, "Ducky it won't work. YOU KNOW YOU DESERVE BETTER."

You can't believe she said this. Right there, at the coffee shop. You sigh. Your head is full of sleep because somebody kept you up all night. Alex is a restless sleeper. But you don't care. You know he's safe. He's with you. There is a moment you are sure nothing can ever go wrong again.

And then...

You look up. Who has come to the coffee shop to pick Sunny up?

You respond with a wince. can't believe its happening. You almost say it.."HOW COULD YOU? YOU AND SUNNY?"

You want to know when it happened. Why? Now?

But they remind you, "Oh, you were busy with Alex. Sorry."

That sheepish grin of Jay's makes you scowl more.

Oh, its true. You are left to record it all in your journal now.

He puts his arm around her and she's so cozy. Like it might be the real deal. Not just that annoying stuff he talks about doing..with a girl. You really hope you wake up from this nightmare.

Why didn't I know? Jay and Sunny. Together.

- Ducky


cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Such a sad realization for Ducky. :/


deb said...

I love the way this is written! It was so fun to read and think about !!!