Saturday, October 24, 2015

Its almost November!

November is almost here!

Time to get it together and get busy!

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This week in Nano Prep!

If you have had an account in the past, make sure to remember your user name and e-mail.

Get ready for that 50,000 word novel to be written in the month of November. Meet local groups who can help you brainstorm..and sometimes, just for support.

I remember one year, this guy who had written most of his novel on his laptop, and then it crashed! Thankfully, someone in the nanowriters group helped him out with a computer to write his fantasy.

I've found that it helps to keep your pace going in GOOGLE DRIVE. It helps with your word count.

There are many variables you want to balance during this novel month.

Word count.

REMEMBER..just keep writing. Don't try to edit a lot. This is a novel in the raw.

I've seen some folks write their whole novel on their phone. Anything is possible.

I would advise to be as creative as possible in a word document. This might mean just typing it all in that vast word space...instead of writing it down in a journal....this takes more time to get the story together, but with some it is the creative pace yourself.

Good look!
Oh..and drink LOTS of Coffee!

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

I have never taken part in this, but it sounds like so much fun!