Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Don't go thinking you're going to get anything with a punch in this film. Still, it is quaint and rather historical of the journey to America as an immigrant from Ireland in the 1950's. You get the realistic life of what went on in a boarding house and how the Church took care of their flock.

I really thought this was Emory Cohen's film as the Italian guy who meets Eilis (played by Ronan). You could tell Tony was in love with her the moment he meets her at an Irish dance.

The costuming was lovely and so were the two worlds that Eilis must suffice in. In America and Ireland.

The film is rather short, which is good. A lot of films this season are quite lengthy. From the get go, we meet the meddling old woman in Eilis' life and when she comes back to her small village..well of course the force is still there wanting to rule her world.

Some wonderful performances in this film. I always love seeing Saoirse Ronan on film.

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