Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Jackie & Ryan

Jackie and Ryan

Its an indie film about the journey of a panhandler named Ryan (Ben Barnes). Its a folksy kind of movie. You, get the raw voice of Barnes, who actually was in a boy band Hyrise once upon a time when he was a teen (I'm talking about Ben Barnes here..not Ryan.).

Anyway, the film hit home..especially, when I saw Ben's tattoos ( those are Ryan's not Ben's).

Actually, someone important to me, went off this summer to hangout with a group of musicians. I wasn't certain exactly where he was going..nor how long. He actually went in the opposite direction that he told me he was going. I wasn't sure when I'd see him again. At least he let me know, where he was, and where he camped.

But he didn't last long in California. Just long enough for someone to tattoo his fingers. He headed north, but didn't like it any better and decided to come home. I guess the panhandler's life is not for him.  Which I'm really OK with.

Yet, this is really a wonderful movie about a genuine  musician's life. Roughing it, all for the beauty of music.

You can catch it on Netflix.

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