Sunday, January 10, 2016

Downton Abbey

These people are a lot younger than they look.

Its the last season! A part of me hates to see it go, and yet maybe I'm ready for it to end too. I do love many of the character. Actually, those downstairs that work the kitchen and run the house. Already, it seems much of the plot is being tidied up. I'm not sure many of the characters have grown that much...but I guess this is the season..we will know.

I'm a Rob James-Collier fan. It seems his character has gone to waste on Downton Abbey. True, being gay in that era was a downer. But I'd like to think this footman would end up being the father figure in Georgie's life (Mary's son). Well, I can hope. I'd love to see Mary's family being rather unconventional.

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