Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dream Lover

Dream Lover

From 1994. Starring James Spader and Madchen Amick

ummmm..James Spader, the actor who did a lot of movies before you saw him on THE BLACK LIST. Of course, this movie might be more of a nightmare than a dream. Also the debut screenwriting of Nicholas Kazan. Very impressive mystery he wrote for this film.

Madchen was Shelly on Twin Peaks. You, might remember her best in Witches of East End and American Horror Story.

STORY: Ray(Spader) is young, charming, successful and the owner of a prosperous architect company. However, he has recently gone through a very painful divorce. His friends try to cheer him up by showing him the positive sides of being single but for Ray marriage and stability is just too important. But when he meets Lena (Amick) his gloom is quickly forgotten. She is beautiful, sensual, mysterious and he is drawn to her like a moth to a candle. They marry quickly, have their first child and Ray lives in a total bliss. But then strange incidents occur which shed some light on Lena's background. Ray slowly realizes that he hardly knows anything about her at all. Who has he really married?

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