Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's OK That's Love

not your everyday romance

Korean Drama (2014)
Stars: In-seong Jo, Hyo-jin Kong, Ha-ra Goo
Story: A love story between a psychiatrist named Ji Hae Soo and an author who had schizophrenia named Jang Jae Yeol. (well, he might still have it)

She is one moody psychiatrist with her own anxieties about LOVE. She sees the Writer as a player. They accidentally become Housemates. Its a little zany with lots of little wonderful revelations. Lets say I was a bit put off by Jang in the beginning, but then I begin to root for him. And he's in love. Finally..and he has a lot to put up with. Sometimes, you might think he'd make a better psychiatrist than her.

Add someone from the boyband EXO and well, its quirky and before you know're in love with these characters.

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