Friday, February 19, 2016


Maybe (2009)

Storyline: This film is a story of May and En-seol. May returns to Seoul looking for her birth mother after 23 years of life as a Korean-American adoptee. En-seol is a taxi driver suffering from a rare cardiac disease. Following their chance encounter at the airport, they come to help each other, also by chance. (2009)

This was Seo-Hyeon Ahn first film and she moves like a dreamer in this art of a film. True, its slow. Yet Hyuk Jang is definitely the scene stealer as the other half of this film, the taxi driver who picks  up May at the airport. But he's not quite as charismatic as I've seen him in other films and TV shows. Yet, he gives a very REAL performance, dealing with his illness.

Of course, she has lots of unanswered questions. And feels at a loss when she does find her Aunt and finds out she was the one who sent her off to America, after her parents died. Truly, the film owns the emotion and yet a certain angst lingers between May and En-seol as the story unravels.


The film has lots of beautiful shots. Many are in darkness, yet the flashbacks are in light. Yes, the film is quite a journey, and might not be for everyone. Yet, I liked the feel of the film. Perhaps kismet. Their connection is far deeper than two strangers meeting. The film goes full circle. Of course, I wondered what happens next? The story just might have begun..once they found each other.

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