Saturday, February 13, 2016

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Oh, its far from the usual Korean drama. This is about a working class family in Basan. Its quirky and is in layers of flashback stories. A group of friends from high school get together at 30. Although, these are the same actors that are playing the teenagers from the 90's.
Jung Eun-ji is also a singer and 22.
Seo In-guk also a talented singer, but in this he is her best friend who is in love with her.

It centers around Sung Shi Won, a major fan girl for a K-pop band, but the more you get to know her life, you have to wonder if she's coping with her family problems. Add a guy friend she's known since the beginning of time and a girlfriend who is a true friend, you start to see just how tight her extended family is.

I loved many of the storylines among the friends. There are no hangups with in-laws, and a mother who'd rather have her husband's mother send over foods that she doesn't have to worry over.

Of course, her parents fuss quite a bit, but they kiss and makeup too. As the story progresses so does the tangled web of love and friendship.

Reply 1997

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