Friday, March 11, 2016

Just a little obession

my favorite obsession tag

1. What's the show? Tamra the Island or Shipwrecked or Tempted Again! (2009)

2. Name [at least] one character who's your favorite.
Its hard to decide..even harder to give you the exact names..but my heart goes out to Virgin (Well, Willem thinks that's her name) She lives on JuJu Island in 1660. Where women have to be gathers as in divers who gather from the sea.

3. Do you have a ship for any specific pair? [it doesn't HAVE to be a pair. It can be a trio, or anything else]
Virgin and Willem (the blonde blue eyed foreigner who's been shipwrecked there) She's teaching him her language. He knows what to do with coffee beans. And they have such an innocent romance that often takes them into the sea. And of course, she has to keep hiding him and helping him, in a land where the folks don't take kindly to outsiders. Add Park to the mix who is in EXILE...known as Mr. Exile. Who is too noble for his own good, but is he who he really says he is? He comes to live with Virgin's family since her mom is a Chief. For someone who isn't going to let his guard down, soon finds himself falling for Virgin.

4. Give a small excerpt of the plot. Nothing much.
It is an adventure story of long ago. It gives you an insightful look, as to how people lived in those days. Also you learn about trading companies and how important they really were at that time. I never thought I'd learn so much about the culture nor anything about that era. But this show is full of twist and turns and you aren't sure who to root for. Park or Willem. Most of all, you hope Virgin realizes she is important. I love her independent spirit, yet she loves her family too. And she has the most adorable little sister!

5. How did you find about this show?
Netflix. There is was. Announcing new episodes. I looks a little flakey. But someone had told me how much they enjoyed this Korean period piece, she'd seen recently.
6. Why do you *like* this show?
I LOVE THIS SHOW. And I'm glad to have found 3 new actors who make this Korean Drama - Pierre Deporte, Seo Woo, and Im Joo-hwan. The film has a lot of wit, suspense and especially adventure.

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