Wednesday, March 23, 2016

You Me and Her

What begins as an impulsive "date" between suburban husband Jack and neophyte escort Izzy, spins into a whirlwind three-way sexual affair including Jack's wife Emma, whose been keeping secrets of her own. Over a span of just 10 days, their "arrangement" breaks free of its financial bonds to become something else entirely: A real romance, with real stakes, involving three real people, confronting viewers with the compelling question: What if your best, truest, happiest life looked nothing like you thought it would? Would you be brave enough to live it?

Amy Pohler's brother Greg seems to be more popular than ever these days. He plays Jack. It will be interesting to see what audiences think of this Three Way Romance in Suburbia scenario.


  1. I have a lot of friends in polyamorous relationships, it's kind of cool to see an lifestyle similar to that portrayed on mainstream TV.

  2. Definitely not my cup of tea; but it seems relevant to today's society.



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