Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Black Canary aka Katie Cassidy

Good- maybe the male idiots that run Arrow (ahem - Marc) and other shows like Sleepy Hollow will wake up and notice that randomly killing off lead female characters for purely shock value or to give the male “hero” some manpain is a terrible trope. It needs to stop.-wiccabuffy
Some will say it's a hero's death. It was the end of a storyline.

SPOILER ALERT! This past week was the passing of a superhero! On Arrow! Yes, Katie Cassidy's Laurel was killed off. Honestly, I didn't really see this one coming. However, I knew someone would be leaving the show.

It was gripping. Truly, it was. Sometimes, Cassidy gets written off as the Bad Ass Bitch in many of her roles. But truly, Laurel was by the book kind of character. And definitely one of those feminine roles we could look up too. She will be sorely missed from the show. But who knows..she could be back. Its happened before..on ARROW.


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  1. It's crazy to see her go; but, like you said, she may be back.



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