Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Perfect Couple

The Perfect Couple

PLOT: Romance can bloom out of the strangest events. Sometimes even very embarrassing ones. Running after a pickpocket, Detective Kang Jae Hyuk (Lee Dong-Wook) finds out how problematic journalist Choi Soo Jin (Hyun Young) can be when the skewer that holds her delicious treat magically ends up impaled in his abdomen. Things become more complicated when Kang becomes the police's media rep, as Choi is transferred to crime reporting. The reality show that ensues ("The Choi vs. Kang Report") enables the bickering pair to pursue a crime boss for the benefit of both their careers. (2007)

This is a gem of a movie, especially for Lee Dong-Wook's early work(before he went into the military). Some probably know him from K-Drama BUBBLEGUM and HOTEL KING. He has such a way of creating a unique character in anything he's in. While Young's Choi was quite annoying. I felt she was the one who was more hot tempered than he was, but when she finally warms up to him..oh, she's out to protect her man.

Some very fun scenes, and yet some dark ones too. But it has to be one of my favorite Korean movies.

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