Wednesday, August 3, 2016

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

My Unfortunate Boyfriend

OK, so its rather silly from the get go. Still you find quirky Tae-Woon (No-Min Woo) a tad charming and the true definition of a Flower Boy. He loves gardening after all.

Still, you gotta wonder if this so called 20 something should be left on his own. And the roommates he does have, you have no idea who they really are.Truly, a sad sort and he gets to wear goofy outfits from time to time too.

And of course, this honest Man-Boy would have to be smitten by a World Class liar. These two get stuck in some very unusual situations. This is one K-drama that has a lot of holes to fill. And you give up trying to fill them, but just enjoy No Min-Woo's abs as much as you can. You just don't know when they might pop out.

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