Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Unemployment Benefit Romance

Unemployment Benefit Romance

This isn't your run of the mill K-drama and yet its about Writer Im (Lee Young-Ah) who does write K-drama, reunited with her first college love Jong Dae ( the very handsome with dazzling smile, Namdung Min). Generally, if you get through the first episode of a gets better. I wasn't so sure even after the 3rd episode. There are only 10, almost hour episodes.

Naturally, I didn't find Writer Im all that witty. Supposedly, she was up and coming in the K-drama world but something happened on an escalator and her roommate ended up with the good life.

We are suppose to feel sad for Writer Im, who only has a sister who's married to rely on, and she does have a fab roommate who is paying for their apartment. The company Writer Im works for has gone under, due to the company president going on a gambling binge. The first couple of episodes are from Im's point of view. We know, things ended badly with the boyfriend...who comes off rather arrogant. We find out the second lead has become an amazing lawyer and things start to look up for Writer Im's life when he gets in the story.

Finally, half-way through the drama we get the ex-boyfriend's story. Honestly, I've had my doubts about Namdung Min's acting abilities. Let's face it, he's pretty. Through flashbacks, we get to see the many hairstyles and faces of Jong Dae, a student for life, evidently, who can't pass the bar exam.

After while, even he asks his new girlfriend why she even likes him. He's never really worked and is only studying to be a lawyer because his dad told him, too. All that he knows to be true is the fact that he's always wanted to be with Writer Im, long before she was a writer.

There were lots of scenes that make you ponder about life, especially, with his friends. As the story went on I liked the drama better. I liked the fact that we can see how much he cares about his family after all. And as the story draws near the end, its like a wake up call, to find your own dream, not someone else's dream.

Yes, there are a few wacky scenes, but I didn't find them pointless. And it wasn't one of those shows where you think..did they have to make one more episode? The supporting cast is quirky. Still, it would be nice for the second lead to find somebody. But that rarely ever happens in a K-Drama.

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