Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Grandma's House

Grandma's House

Yeah, taking Jace to grandma's house had to be the worse idea ever!

But I didn't want to go alone.

Its creepy there.

Its the place I dream of my worst nightmares. Like a slasher film in progress. Someone with a knife. Sometimes, they win..but not always.

So Jace was up for it. Besides, it was super hot out, and he didn't mind watching America's Got Talent with Granny.

I told her he was in a band. A drummer.

Of course, she wanted to see how good he was. So he had to play with his hands on a cardboard box.

I guess she was impressed.

Then it got dark. And we went to bed. The room I used to sleep in when I was in school.

It wasn't even a good bed then. Worse now.

It wiggled at every turn, but I had the boy right where I wanted him, even if it did turn pitch black as the night progressed.

And we heard some noises. Creaking steps in the hallway.

But it was only Granny. Coming to check on us.

No sweet dreams tonight.

I'm beginning to wonder if its Granny who had the knife all along.