Friday, October 14, 2016

Ugly Alert

a son came

Finally...Finished up the Korean Family Drama Ugly Alert. Seriously, it is golden. The story of strife really started from the get-go in this drama. Its from 2013. It was Lim Ju Hwan's first series after he got out of the Army. Its 133 episodes.  And it is his character that is the core of the drama. Its about a very poor young man who goes the lengths to support the siblings his father married into. Naturally, he goes through a lot of grief . Still, without nothing, he uses his ingenuity and later wins the heart of a very rich girl. 

Gotta say, worst title ever. Still, it always made me want to come back for more. Some episodes, had me in tears.  And yes..I will always be a fan of Lim Ju Hwan. The first drama I ever watched him in was Tamra the Island. His new drama is Uncontrollably Fond.  He does play an awesome bad guy in Oh My Ghostess.

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cat eyes & skinny jeans said...

Definitely an odd title for a TV series. :/