Wednesday, November 9, 2016

It's just the past

its just the past

Channeling a Molly Ringwald character from so long ago. I guess.

Back when James Spader was just so pretty. He went on to make Dream Lover, which was practically a horror story.


too much snow.. I guess. And I shouldn't be thinking about my thrifting days when I met the most dandy guy who I hated so much, but ended up going out with..for a while...then I hated him again.

That was the year I got the guy from Good Will to sell me a $25 dollor coat for 5 bucks. It almost got him fired. He thought I was older, and then he said..we shouldn't see each other again. We never went out. Just a few conversations at the store.

I have to find better day dreams... don't I?